Please note that this documentation space offers information for V-Ray 3.6! For most up-to-date documentation, refer to V-Ray Next for Modo help.

This page contains information about the V-Ray three-color Gradient Texture in V-Ray for Modo.


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The V-Ray 3-Color Gradient is an utility texture that creates a 3-color gradient texture. The example shown here has Color 1 set to red, Color 2 set to green, and Color 3 set to blue, and uses the mesh's UV mapping.


UI Path: ||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Utilities > V-Ray 3-Color Gradient


Color 1-3 – The three colors used in the resulting texture.  These can also be mapped to a different texture for each of the 3 colors.

Has Textures – The affects bump mapping.

Middle – The middle color position.

Type – Select How the gradient's appearance is calculated.

LinearShades from the left to the right in a straight line.
Shades from the center to the outside in a circular pattern.

Noise Amount – How much noise is introduced.

Noise Size – The scale of the noise.

Noise Type – Dropdown to select how the colors are randomly distributed across the gradient.

RegularA plain noise, this is not a fractal function.
A fractal algorithm to generate the noise.
– A turbulence based noise type is used.

Noise Iterations – How many iterations of noise there will be.

Noise Phase – Controls the speed of the procedural's noise.

Noise Low – Sets the Low threshold.

Noise High – Sets the high threshold.

Noise Smooth – The amount of smoothing of the noise.