This page provides information on the V-Ray Clipper geometry object.


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VRayClipper is a geometric primitive that can be used to clip away parts of the scene with a simple plane. It is a render-time effect and does not modify the actual scene geometry in any way.



Regular geometry


Geometry is cut with a VRayClipper object





 UI Paths:

 |Item List Viewport| > Add Item dropdown > V-Ray Geometry > V-Ray Clipper


 |Item List Viewport| > Add Item button > Add Item Window > Directories > V-Ray Geometry > V-Ray Clipper




Affect Light – When enabled, the clipper will affect Area light sources as well.

Only Camera Rays – The clipper will affect objects as they are directly seen by the camera, but they will appear unchanged to reflection/refraction/GI rays.

Clip Lights Geometry – Activates the clipping of light-based geometry, such as a mesh light.

Use Object Material – When enabled, the clipper will use the material of each clipped object to fill in the resulting holes. When disabled, the material applied to the clipper object itself will be used.

Object ID – The Object ID to assign to the intersections the clipping creates on the geometry.

Clipper Exclude – Opens an include/exclude list for selecting which scene objects will be clipped.

Include Child Items – When enabled, includes all items that are children of the items or groups selected with Clipper Exclude.

As Exclusive list – Only objects in the list will be clipped.

Clipper Mesh – The object to be used for clipping. 

Mesh Operation – Determines how to use the object specified by Clipper Mesh:

Intersection – Leaves geometry only where selected objects and the Clipper Mesh intersect.
Subtraction – Clips away geometry where selected objects and the Clipper Mesh intersect. 


GL Viewport

Locator scale – Controls the size of the locator.

Number of lines – Determines the number of lines the locator uses.

Opacity – Controls the opacity of the viewport locator. A value of 0 will make it invisible while 1.0 will make it completely visible.

Line width – Specifies the width of the locator lines.

Override viewport colors – Allows colors used by V-Ray Clipper to be overridden.

Normal – The color used for drawing the clipper when it is not selected.

Selected – The color used for drawing the clipper when it is selected.

Rollover – The color used for drawing the clipper when the mouse hovers over it.



  • V-Ray Clipper works best with "closed" objects. The results on open objects (without a corresponding back face) can be unpredictable.

  • Currently V-Ray Clipper might produce artifacts if there are overlapping triangles in the scene (faces that lie on top of one another in the same plane), regardless of whether they are part of the same object or not.

  • You cannot define a material tag for the clipper (it always uses "Default" as its material tag), so attempting to use the M shortcut key to assign materials will not work. However, item masks can be used to define its material (right-click on the Clipper > Create Item Mask).

  • To have one material applied to many clippers at the same time, you can group multiple clippers together under a group locator (or in one group), and then set the item mask to the group item.