This page contains information about the V-Ray Granite Texture in V-Ray for Modo.


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The V-Ray Granite Texture map generates a procedural granite pattern using four colors or texture maps.






UI Path: ||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Textures Procedural > V-Ray Granite





Color 1 – Allows picking of the first of the four colors.

Color 2 – Allows picking of the second of the four colors.

Color 3 – Allows picking of the third of the four colors.

Filler Color – Allows picking of the filler color.

Cell Size – Controls how large or small the cells are.

Density – Controls how dense the granite texture procedural is.

Mix Ratio – Controls the way Color 1, Color 2 & Color 3 are mixed.  Low values will give a larger amount of spots of Color 1, a mid value of 0.5 will give Color 2 more prominence and a High value of 1.0 will give an overall balanced mix of all three colors.

Spottyness – Controls the posts themselves and makes them more circular.  Lower values will make the spots more circular and higher values less circular.

Randomness – Controls how varied the distribution of the spots are on the granite. Lower values will show more spots, higher values will also make them more sparse

Threshold – Controls the transition between the filler color and Color 1, Color 2 and Color 3.





Examples: Cell Size

Cell Size: 0.15

Cell Size: 0.25

Cell Size: 0.5

Cell Size: 0.75

Cell Size: 1




Example: Density


These examples use a Cell Size of 0.75


Density: 1

Density: 0.75

Density: 0.5

Density: 0.25







Example: Mix Ratio


These examples use a Density of 1 and a Cell Size of 0.75

Mix ratio: 0.1

Mix ratio: 0.5

Mix Ratio: 0.75

Mix Ratio: 1





Example: Spottiness

 These examples use a Density of 1, a Cell Size of 0.75 and a Mix Ratio of 0.5

Spottiness: 0.1

Spottiness: 0.25

Spottiness: 0.5

Spottiness: 0.75






Example: Randomness

 These examples use a Density of 1, a Cell Size of 0.75 and a Mix Ratio of 0.5

Randomness: 0

Randomness: 0.25

Randomness: 0.5

Randomness: 0.75

Randomness: 1