This page contains information about the V-Ray Marble Texture in V-Ray for Modo.


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The V-Ray Marble Texture generates a procedural marble texture with a number of controls in addition to colors and texture maps. For a simpler marble texture, use the V-Ray Marble Simple Texture.




UI Path: ||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Textures Procedural > V-Ray Marble





Filler Color - Controls the color of the filler, this is usually the main color of the marble.

Vein Color – Controls the color of the marbles veins. For more details, please see the Vein Width examples below.

Diffusion – Controls the amount of blur applied to the veins. For more details, please see the Diffusion examples below.

Contrast – Controls the contrast by changing the value.

Amplitude – Controls the amount of distortion in the marble's veins.  A value of 0 will make these a straight line. For more details, please see the Amplitude examples below.

Ratio – Controls the amplitude ratio between two consecutive levels of the fractal noise, 0 will make only the first noise level affect the result, 1 will make all of them affect the result with the same weight. For more details, please see the Ratio examples below.

Ripples – Controls the distortion of the marble's veins non-uniformly, red is for x distortion, green is for y distortion, blue is for z distortion.

Depth Min – Minimum level of the fractal noise.

Depth Max – Maximum level of the fractal noise.


Example: Vein Width



Vein Width: 0.01


Vein Width: 0.1


Vein Width: 0.5


Vein Width: 0.75





Example: Diffusion



Diffusion: 0.1


Diffusion: 0.5


Diffusion: 0.75


Diffusion: 1.0





Example: Amplitude



Amplitude: 0.0


Amplitude: 1.5


Amplitude: 2.5


Amplitude: 5.0





Example: Ratio



Ratio: 0.0


Ratio: 0.707


Ratio: 0.85


Ratio: 1.0