This page contains information about the Multi Sub texture in V-Ray for Modo.


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The V-Ray Multi Sub texture distributes multiple textures to multiple objects via one single material based on specified IDs or a random distribution. The image shown here uses V-Ray Object ID as the Mode, and each of the IDs for textures were given a different color.




UI Path: ||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Textures > V-Ray Multi Sub






Mode – Specifies how textures are assigned. All modes use specific IDs to distribute the textures to the relevant objects or faces.

V-Ray Object ID – Assigns textures to mesh items by matching their Object ID, which can be set in the V-Ray Object Properties package.
Face Material ID – Uses IDs that are assigned automatically by V-Ray and related to the number of different material handles within a mesh item. Every collection of polygons that has a unique material set up in the shader tree (defined with polygon tag and selection set groups) will receive its separate ID for the V-Ray Multi SubTexture, starting at 0.
Random by Render ID – Assigns the textures randomly per renderable item. It uses the automatically generated IDs by V-Ray when rendering. Each ID value is unique, starting at 1. Thus the texture assignment can change as new objects are added to the scene.  

Default Texture – The texture or color to use, when the ID of the currently shaded sample doesn't match any of the defined IDs.

Enabled # – Activates the settings for the numbered texture.

ID for Texture # – Objects or faces with this ID will receive this texture.

Texture # – The texture or color to apply to objects or faces with the specified ID. Textures can be applied in the Schematic.