This page contains information about the V-Ray Splat Texture in V-Ray for Modo.


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The V-Ray Splat Texture is a procedural texture that mimics a splatter effect similar to the way paint can splatter onto a surface. Both of the two colors channels can be connected to texture maps.





UI Path: ||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Textures Procedural > V-Ray Splat







Color 1 – Controls the color of the main surface.

Color 2 – Controls the color of the splatters.

Size – Controls the scale of the procedural texture produced. For more details, see the Size example below.

Iterations – Controls how many times the procedural repeats the process. For more details, see the Iterations example below.

Threshold – Determines how much of Color 1 is mixed with Color 2. At 0, only Color 1 is displayed; at 1, only Color 2 is displayed. For more details, see the Threshold example below.

Smoothing – Controls the sharpness of the splatters. Lower values make the splatters sharper, higher values make them more blurry. For more details, see the Smoothing example below.



Example: Size



Size: 0.25


Size: 1.0


Size: 2.5






Example: Iterations



Iterations: 2


Iterations: 4


Iterations: 8






Example: Threshold



Threshold: 0.1


Threshold: 0.2


Threshold: 0.35






Example: Smoothing



Smoothing: 0.02


Smoothing: 0.1


Smoothing: 0.5