This page provides an overview of the V-Ray Volume Grid.


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V-Ray Volume Grid is a special kind of volumetric effect that works with grid based cache formats. Compare with V-Ray Environment Fog which is a general purpose volumetric effect, V-Ray Volume Grid reads its data from an input file which supports grid-based representation of the volume.

Currently V-Ray Volume Grid supports three volume formats: 

OpenVDB (.vdb), supported for example by Houdini®, FumeFX ® and RealFlow®
Field3D (.f3d), supported for example by FumeFX ® and Maya ® (using 3rd party plugins)
PhoenixFD (.aur) , The Phoenix FD ® native volume format

In addition to volumetric rendering, V-Ray Volume Grid also supports isosurface rendering and meshing.


A number of options are available to fine-tune and customize the appearance and rendering options for the volume.

  • V-Ray Volue Grid Tab parameters load volumetric files and set overall cell and volume behavior such as the type of effect, display resolution, time controls, surfacing, etc.
  • V-Ray Volume Grid Advanced Tab parameters specifically address the lighting, intensity, and opacity of fire and smoke along with displacement and visibility parameters.
  • V-Ray Volume Grid Channels Tab has parameters to route input channels and content smoothing options.





UI Path: ||Item List|| > Add Item > V-Ray Geometry > V-Ray Volume Grid