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Official release

Date – August 7, 2015

Download – Build 3.00.00



New Features

  • VRayMtlBlend overhaul follows Nuke's MergeMat idea for setting layers using multiple nodes

  • VRayMtlBlendInput removed

  • Channel name knob for Render elements:

    • Specify the channel name exported by the render element; not depending on the node name

    • Lock option to stop automatic generation of channel name when changing render element types

  • Error message when V-Ray plugins cannot be loaded

  • possibility to change light color and light/camera/geometry rotation in the VRay Material Preview node

  • Custom inputs to the VRay Material Preview node to use custom geometry and/or custom HDR lightning

  • Support for Max Ray Intensity

  • Support for Depth of Field

  • Use of external XML resource file to dynamically load label and tooltip information

  • Fine control for projected textures using VRayTexBitmap format and VRayCamera fitfill and fittype properties

  • Textures behave like emissive material when there is no light in the scene

Bug Fixes

  • Crash when chaining output from VRayRenderer as input to VRayRenderer

  • Crash when viewing empty VRayProxy in 3D

  • Rendering VRayProxy as VRayLightMesh

  • Default coat strength for VRayMtlCarPaint node set to 0.05

  • Using VRayProxy with VRayDisplacement

  • Support for Depth of Field

  • Enforced knob naming style consistency

  • List of materials in ApplyMaterial connected to VRayProxy using VRMesh

  • VRayPTex works connected to a material