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Official release

Date – 26 March, 2019

Download – Build 4.10.01


New Features 

  • Support for Nuke 11.2
  • Support for Nuke 11.3
  • VRayRenderer: Support for scanline stripe 'bucket' rendering using GPU
  • VRaySceneGeometry/Material/Texture : Add new nodes to support for V-Ray scene asset-based workflow

Modified Features 

  • VRayRenderer : Simplified rendering type user interface and removed OpenCL-based rendering engine

  • VRayDenoiser/Denoiser render element : Removed deprecated multipass option
  • VRayCamera : Modified resulting exported scene when using distortion map
  • VRayVolumeGrid : Removed deprecated 'phoenix_sim' plugin parameter in pure volumetric mode and replaced with 'renderAsVolumetric'.
  • Unify environment variable used to locate VRayPlugins - it now always follows the pattern VRAY_FOR_NUKE_MM_mm_PLUGINS
  • Removed x64 suffix from installation filename
  • VRayVRScene : more robust handling of relative filepath with visual warning for unresolved path