Beta release

Date – April 13, 2016

Download – Build 1.0.481


New Features

Distributed Rendering

  • Standalone DR Node Launcher implemented
  • Node Discovery improved with automatic discovery on a network


  • Render History window implemented


  • Procedural Textures from Revit Support (Partial Support)
  • Displacement implemented for V-Ray Materials

V-Ray RT / GPU

  • RT GPU supported on CUDA devices (Support for Open CL devices pending)


  • Revit Kepler (2017) Beta Version Support


  • RT Settings Window implemented in Global Settings


Improved Features


  • Multiple install options and silent install capabilities
  • Color Scheme updated


  • Cameras now respect Crop Regions
  • Hosek Sky Model implemented
  • Modified settings to optimize quality and rendering speeds
  • Processor usage when Idling substantially reduced
  • Memory usage greatly reduced when not using Distributed Rendering
  • Debug Logging speed improved and more filtering options added

Distributed Rendering

  • Node Discovery improved with automatic discovery on a network


  • Material Browser: Improved Filtering
  • Material Browser: UI Improvements
  • Probabilistic Lights value is now percentage based
  • Global Settings Window shows the current version number
  • Debug Log tab under settings changed to add a few more options
  • Frame Buffer no longer destroyed between renders
  • When changing a resolution value V-Ray will automatically use that resolution type
  • Frame buffer reskinned to dark version


  •  Updated to new build of License Server for better stability


Removed Features


  • Material ID Channel removed until it can be reworked in V-Ray Core


  • Removed "Save to project" dialogue at the end of the render and added auto save path under settings

Bug Fixes


  • VR Camera (12:1) and Stereoscopic rendering modes fixed

  • Prevent the user from rendering VR modes while in Isometric views

Distributed Rendering

  • Irradiance Map now looks correct

  • Transfers all objects to remote machines

  • Disabled DR when no nodes are selected


  • Scene now packs all materials and textures with it


  • Fixed artifacts encountered when importing geometry

  • <By Category> objects will respect Global Material Overrides

  • Section Boxes respect instanced geometry when using the V-Ray Clipper

  • Unicode Characters in material names no longer break the render

  • Texture Offsets fixed

  • Infinite Ground Plane respects Global Material Overrides

V-Ray RT / GPU

  • Fixed pathing issues with the GPU libraries for RT rendering


  • Fixed issues with Linked file materials


  • Fixed settings import when using UNC paths

  • Default Sun Size is now 2

  • Improved grammar and wording on some controls