Official release

Date – November 15, 2016

Download – Build 3.40.01



Revit Integration

  • Revit Native Toolbar
  • Able to render existing Revit projects with no changes to the file
  • Workflow is non-destructive to existing Revit projects
  • Easy-to-use interface makes adjusting the output simple

View Selection

  • Filter 3d or Isometric views to easily choose which scene to render

Quality Selection

  • Choose from a list of preset quality options

  • Easily control the fidelity of the final render

Resolution Controls

  • Choose form preset resolutions, custom resolutions, or based on Crop Region

Light Support

  • Turn all artificial lights on or off with one button
  • IES light support
  • Respects settings in the Revit Light Manager for Light Groups

Environment Controls

  • Support for V-Ray Sun, Dome Light, or no Environment Lights
  • Ability to assign an HDRI image to the Dome Light for accurate physical lighting
  • Aerial Perspective options fully integrated
  • Environment Fog options fully integrated

Camera Controls

  • Production Rendering of Standard still camera, stereo cameras, virtual reality cubic 6:1 and stereo cubic 12:1

  • Realtime Rendering of still camera

  • Adjust Exposure Value with a simple slider control
  • Adjust White Balance with a simple slider control
  • Adjust Depth of Field quickly and easily
  • Adjust optical vignetting


  • Automatically generate a V-Ray material based on existing Revit Materials

  • Automatically generate a V-Ray material based on Diffuse texture
  • Automatically generate a V-Ray material based on a color
  • Substitute an existing Revit Material with a custom V-Ray material
  • Globally override materials in the scenes with custom V-Ray materials
  • Stand-alone V-Ray Material Editor/Creator included

Assets and Scene Controls

  • Easily set up Search Paths to help find external assets

  • Ability to export to V-Ray Scene Files

  • Control Tessellation values of procedural geometry
  • Various Render Channels available for compositing
  • V-Ray Denoiser integration
  • V-Ray RT CPU or GPU (CUDA enabled hardware)
  • Ability to render an Infinite Ground Plane
  • Probabilistic Lights to speed up larger scenes

Distributed Rendering

  • V-Ray Swarm integration

  • Fully automated distributed rendering with auto-discovery
  • Automatically load-balance swarm nodes