Official release

Date – January 11, 2017

Download – Build 3.40.02



Revit Integration

  • The plugin can now be Enabled/Disabled via the toolbar
  • Updated the license server to 4.3.0. in the installer

Improved Features


  • TIFF format is used for the images saved for the Render History so no quality is lost
  • Progress bar buttons no longer disappear after RT rendering is stopped

  • Changing the Max Paths and Noise Threshold RT settings should now reset the render and apply immediately

  • Added an error message when acquiring a license fails

  • Fixed an infinite loop when closing Revit after failing to obtain a license

  • Infinite Ground Plane Minimum and maximum rotation values are now enforced

  • Infinite Ground Plane sub material can no longer have negative values

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an invalid window handle crash under certain circumstances

  • Fixed a crash after rendering has been stopped


  • Path to Hemispherical Lights IES file should be resolved properly

  • Fixed Material Paths not being respected for an HDR asset when settings are imported on another machine

  • IES files now work on non-English Revit installations

  • IES files should now work correctly in linked Revit models


  • Removed unnecessary license server requests

  • Opening the License Server will fall back to using Internet Explorer if the default browser cannot open

  • Fixed an infinite loop when closing Revit after failing to obtain a license

  • Fixed a crash when opening the license server page


  • Fixed a crash with invalid Swarm nodes

  • Fixed Swarm crashes when stopped from the progress bar