Official release

Date – July 11, 2017

Download – Build 3.50.01


Improved Features


  • Added support for Revit 2018
  • Implemented Adaptive Lights
  • Added support for Crop region of Revit ortho 3D views
  • Swarm nodes can be hosted on Mac OS
  • Enabled logging of V-Ray errors in Revit journal files or VRayForRevit.log file

Installation & Licensing

  • The Online License Server (OLS) is updated to version 4.4.1.
  • V-Ray License Server Configuration link is available under Start menu
  • V-Ray license is not engaged automatically when Revit is started
  • V-Ray Swarm is updated to version 1.4.
  • V-Ray Swarm default settings can be customized during installation

Materials & Lighting

  • Improved materials behavior. Removed Linear Workflow
  • Enlarged Material Library
  • Upgrade script for old V-Ray materials is available from the Old Material Library page
  • Provided export/import of Global Material Overrides settings
  • Improved Dome Light behavior in case of missing HDR map

Interactive (RT) Rendering

RT is updated during the following changes:

  • Scale and rotation of V-Ray Materials
  • V-Ray Material updates in Standalone Material Editor
  • Swapping of diffuse textures
  • Scale and rotation of Diffuse Textures
  • Swapping of color materials


  • Added Material ID render element
  • Added Material ID (No AA) render element

User Interface

  • Added Obtain License on Start-up option to General Settings
  • Added text-input field in Material Paths browsing dialog
  • Added file format selector of auto-saved images
  • Added export/import option for V-Ray Swarm settings
  • V-Ray Swarm settings section is completely updated
  • Added Exclude local machine option to Swarm settings
  • Swarm master node can be configured by IP and port
  • Swarm resource usage goal is defaulted to 60%
  • Improved Sun Intensity precision
  • Use GPU Denoiser setting is enabled by default
  • Affect Background parameter of Environment Fog is enabled by default

Infinite Ground Plane

  • Improved Infinite Ground Plane material behavior
  • Improved Infinite Ground Plane integration with Global Material Overrides in RT
  • Improved Infinite Ground Plane support for RT GPU rendering
  • Infinite Ground Plane material settings are now saved per project

Bug Fixes


  • Issue with Revit freezing when no V-Ray licenses were available
  • Issue with continuous rendering when new Revit project was opened
  • Issue with unreleased DR nodes when Swarm was disabled
  • Issue with Dome Light color not being exported/imported properly
  • Crash when auto-save and denoiser were enabled simultaneously
  • Issue with units scale conversion of V-Ray materials bump amount
  • Issue with objects not being overridden on Global Material overrides
  • Issue with V-Ray not using sRGB color space
  • Error with rendering a workshared project after workset ownership had been delegated
  • Error on Revit exit when 2 instances of Revit were open
  • Issue with units conversion of Aerial Perspective settings

Export from Revit

  • Issue with downscaled ortho 3D views
  • Issue with IES files export from Revit
  • Crash with IESFileLocation not being configured in the Revit.ini file
  • Issue with textures placed in folders containing underscore/s in their names
  • Issue with Revit lights dimming set to 0 not being respected by V-Ray
  • Crash with disappearing Revit objects when paths to assets were too long
  • Issue with RPCs nested in a family not being rendered
  • Issue with geometries not being properly cut when using Section box
  • Issue with artifacts when mapping spherical objects
  • Issue with AutoGen materials blending color and texture being rendered either white, or excluding the texture
  • Issue with instanced families being all cut when linked to Revit and partially intersected by Section box
  • Issue with incorrect mapping of imported .DWG geometries
  • Issue with AutoGen materials placed underneath a decal not being exported at all
  • Issue with units conversion of Revit metal materials pattern height
  • Issue with displacement continuity not being respected by V-Ray
  • Issue with Infinite Ground Plane not being rendered when using a displacement map
  • Issue with APT_Distance properties not respecting Revit units like RPC Height, Texture Real World Scale, Offset and Angle etc.

Interactive (RT) Rendering

  • Crash in RT CPU after V-Ray Material displacement updates
  • Issue with disabled RT updates on RT restart
  • Issue with unmapped objects inheriting material updates of mapped ones
  • Issue with material scale and rotation not being overridden by Global Material overrides
  • Error with NullReferenceException in RT

V-Ray Virtual Frame Buffer (VFB)

  • Issue with channels not being saved individually out of VFB
  • Issue with Render last button not updating the rendering
  • Crash when clicking Render last after an object was deleted in Revit
  • Issue with Lens Effects Settings being slided off the window after Resolution changes
  • Issue with ∗.vrimg file being overexposed when loaded to VFB with bloom effect on
  • Crash when clicking Render last button on freshly opened VFB
  • Issue with VFB options being reset to default when switching RT engines

User Interface

  • Issue with Sun and Dome light settings panels not being mutually exclusive
  • Issue with Image Sampler being incorrectly exported into ∗.vrscene file
  • Error while browsing for V-Ray Material files
  • Issue with channels selection being saved globally
  • Issue with toolbar buttons not updating accordingly when switching between Revit projects
  • Issue with Current View not being updated when renamed in Revit
  • The following units were not updated on Revit project units change: Focus Distance; Fog settings; Object settings
  • Issue with texture file association being broken after its path was removed from Material Paths
  • Issue with Current View being reset to default when switching between Revit projects
  • Issue with Rendering Progress remaining open on license release
  • Crash when File Browse dialog was opened with invalid initial file path
  • Issue with all render elements being saved to Project Gallery
  • Help links in Settings dialog were not updated
  • Issue with Camera Mode drop-down being disabled after RT rendering had finished
  • Procedural Geometry Tesselation controls were not restricted from 0 to 15
  • Import Options columns had no MinWidth
  • Issue with special characters in Swarm tags not being displayed in the UI
  • Issue with Inscatter Multiplier of Aerial Perspective being not respected
  • Denoiser and ZDepth settings were not disabled if the corresponding channel was disabled

Known Issues


  • Issue with identical families disappearing from rendering
  • Changing the Atmospheric Height and View Distance of Aerial Perspective is not properly applied during RT CPU
  • In case you receive the below error when starting Revit after installation of V-Ray for Revit plugin, follow the steps to resolve it

    Section or group name 'userSettings' is already defined. This can not be defined multiple times. (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit Architecture 2016\Revit.exe.config line 7)

    Follow these steps:
    1. Browse to the file mentioned in the brackets, save a backup copy of it and open it in a text editor.
    2. Delete repeated tags <sectionGroup name="userSettings"...</sectionGroup> and <userSettings>...</userSettings>. Make sure that only one copy for each of them is left in the file before saving it.
    3. Replace the file in the source location with the updated one.

    In case you experience any issues, do not hesitate to contact our Chaos Group Support.