Official release

Date – Feb 08, 2018

Download  Build 3.60.01




  • Up to 4 times faster Revit scene export and up to 1.5 times faster rendering
  • Implemented new and streamlined UI
  • Implemented V-Ray Proxy
  • Implemented V-Ray Fur
  • Implemented Production rendering with GPU engine
  • Implemented Hybrid rendering with GPU engine
  • Implemented early access to V-Ray Cloud Beta
  • Implemented anonymous usage statistics
  • Asset Browser replaces Material Browser 


  • V-Ray Swarm updated to version 1.4.3


  • Online License Server (OLS) updated to version 4.5.1


  • Improved AutoGen conversion of Revit materials
  • Implemented Global Material Override for RPC objects
  • Implemented new global material to highlight missing/invalid Revit materials
  • Filter and override materials by linked document
  • Improved Color material with transparency, glossiness and reflection options
  • Material List updates when a Revit material is renamed/deleted

V-Ray Interactive

  • Support for AutoGen materials
  • Support for infinite ground plane settings


  • Copies the entire final image to clipboard (including background)

Material Editor

  • Implemented new texture maps (Color Temperature and Gradient)
  • Implemented new Color picker


  • Multiple materials/proxies selection in the Asset Browser
  • Switching to V-Ray or Diffuse Texture material is applied only after a valid file path is provided
  • Infinite ground plane material is excluded from Global Overrides
  • V-Ray settings are saved on Revit project save. User confirmation is necessary when project is closed without saving. V-Ray settings for read-only Revit files are not saved
  • Extended Sharing Settings categories
  • Category and number of imported values are displayed in the Import List of Share Settings
  • Resizable columns of Import List in Share Settings
  • Added Clear button for all filter text boxes
  • Enable/disable settings based on dependencies between different options
  • All V-Ray settings units are synchronized with Revit Project Units


  • Material Editor has light theme matching the style of the whole plugin
  • Material Editor texture maps are ordered by category
  • Interactive label replaces RT
  • Render Production label replaces Render with V-Ray
  • Implemented consistent style for all windows
  • Implemented proper precision and range limitations for V-Ray settings

Bug fixes


  • VRmat file is not rendered if its file name includes non-ASCII characters
  • Error on rendering Environment Fog with Use Artificial Lights enabled


  • Issue with identical families disappearing from rendering
  • Issue with global overrides being applied to wrong geometry instances
  • Issue with disappearing/incorrect family geometries when cut with Section Box
  • Issue with curtain panels disappearing or not being entirely rendered
  • Only one of identical RPCs nested in a family is rendered
  • Issue with RPCs not rendering when in linked documents
  • Issue with invalid warning for missing AutoGen material bump map
  • Issue with Use Artificial Lights option of Environment Fog not being respected

V-Ray Interactive

  • Issue with Atmospheric Height and View Distance of Aerial Perspective not being properly applied
  • Issue with Aerial Perspective and Environment Fog disappearing on Sun and Dome light settings change
  • Only spot lights can be enabled/disabled
  • Issue with Fog color of vrmats not being respected on GPU
  • Crash on render stop after Global Overrides updates
  • Crash when rendering a scene with Composite texmap on GPU
  • Issue with swapping materials on GPU
  • Switching the material of an instanced family updates just one instance
  • Crash on attempt to edit a family

V-Ray Distributed Rendering

  • Black buckets are produced when Glare is on


  • Window always on top while in interactive rendering mode


  • Crash when closing the Progress window while rendering

  • Crash when trying to render a deleted view

  • Non-ASCII symbols in vrmat file name are not displayed properly

  • Underscore in material name is not displayed in Material browser


  • Sun and Dome Light windows are not opened when the project has no views

  • Error on first attempt to uninstall

  • Wrong Windows icon association for vrmat preview

  • Resolution is switched to Crop Region when switching between projects

  • Rendering stops on attempt to edit a family

  • Issue with long network paths causing FilePathTooLongException

  • Issue with self-enabling Use Artificial Lights option of Environment Fog

  • Issue with production rendering restart when tweaking Sun or Dome light settings

Known Issues

  • Moving/rotating the ortho 3D model while in interactive rendering mode is causing the rendering to zoom in
  • Current Revit camera view is zoomed in during scene export from Revit to V-Ray