Official release

Date – August 14, 2018

Download  Build 3.70.02




  • Online License Server (OLS) updated to version 5.1.2

Bug fixes


  • Issue with perspective view being downscaled and rendered as orthographic
  • Issue with settings not being properly restored on machines with comma as a decimal separator
  • Issue with custom ratio width and height not being saved correctly
  • Issue with wrong final resolution after switching from stereo camera to ortho 3D
  • Exception on settings import with proxies enabled during Interactive rendering
  • Crash on every second render after settings import
  • Crash on render start when decal is being selected in the rendered view
  • Crash on first time render with Auto-Save enabled in Revit 2019


  • Exception on Asset Browser opening
  • Issue with broken multiple material assignment in Asset Browser
  • Exception while exporting wood material from Revit
  • Issue with vrmat editor not being initialized when launched from the V-Ray UI

V-Ray Swarm

  • Issue with Swarm producing artifacts on reflective materials when dome light is on


  • Issue with last focused textbox not retaining its value when closing parent window


  • Issue with VFB not being on top during Interactive rendering