This page provides an overview of V-Ray Render panel in the V-Ray for Revit Ribbon.


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The V-Ray for Revit Ribbon provides convenient access to common Rendering functions such as starting a V-Ray render and displaying the V-Ray Frame Buffer. Expanding the panel exposes additional buttons for V-Ray Swarm and launching the Project Gallery.





UI Path: ||V-Ray for Revit Ribbon|| > Render panel


Render Panel

The following Render options are accessible through the panel:

  • Render ProductionStarts a V-Ray render and allows the user to specify between regular V-Ray production rendering, V-Ray Interactive rendering, and exporting a VR scene.
  • Show / Hide Frame Buffer – Displays or hides the V-Ray Frame Buffer window, which allows you to view and adjust renders.
  • Project Gallery – Displays the Project Gallery window, which manages render history and saving renders.
  • Manage Swarm – Allows the user to enable or disable V-Ray Swarm, a web-based distributed rendering system. For more information, see the V-Ray Swarm installation page and the Swarm section in the Settings page.