This page gives details on how to use the online licensing system for Chaos Group products.


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The License Server version 4.0 introduces online licensing of the Chaos Group products without the need for any physical devices to be plugged in your machine. It allows you to easily activate more licenses right after the purchase and provides a way to stay offline while using your products when you need to. It is still compatible with the existing USB dongles, in case you need to use your licenses in this way.




The installer is fairly straight forward and easy to run, but if you need help, please see the Installing the Online License Server page for details on the process. This includes using your Chaos Group account to access your purchased licenses from anywhere online.


Online Activation

To activate your licenses, all you need to do is click ENABLE from the ONLINE LICENSING menu. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. Once the activation is successful, you will be able to see the list of your available licenses on the license server home page.


Offline Activation

You can still activate your license server even without Internet connection. To do this you will need to download an activation request file from your license server. Use another machine with an Internet connection to upload the file to where you log in with your Chaos Group account and generate an activation file. Upload the activation file to your license server to activate it.

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1) Open the license server webpage and click ENABLE from the ONLINE LICENSING menu.

2) Clicking Activate offline will take you to the next page, where you can download your activation request file.

3) Use another machine with an Internet connection to log in to with your Chaos Group account and click Activate Workstation on the bottom right of the WORKSTATIONS tab.

4) Upload the activation request file, enter a name for your workstation and click Activate.

5) Locate the name of your workstation back on the WORKSTATIONS tab and click Download .crt File next to it.

Note: It might take a moment for the new workstation to appear in the list.


6) At the last step in your license server webpage, upload the activation file and click UPLOAD.



USB Dongle and Online Licensing

The Online Licensing system allows you to use seats associated with your Chaos Group account easily from anywhere you can log in to over the internet. If you also have a V-Ray USB License dongle attached to your computer, you can utilize those available licenses within the online system. For more details on this process, please see the Dongle and Online Licensing page.



In most situations, adjusting the Settings for the online licensing system is not necessary. But if you need to adjust something like your connection settings because your using a Proxy server, you can get to these through the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the License Server webpage and choosing Settings. For more details on what settings are adjustable from this area, please see the Advanced Online Licensing Settings page.


Borrowing Licenses for Offline Use

The V-Ray licensing system includes a way to "borrow" a license for offline use. Borrowing a license means you can still have access to your Chaos Group software without needing a USB dongle or an internet connection. For more details on this process, please see the Borrowing Licenses for Offline Use page.


Updating from License Server 3.0 to 4.0

If you are updating your licensing system from the previous setup to the new online system, no changes are required on the workstation or application side of your software. The online system replaces the existing dongle functionality without any additional steps needed on your part. There is no need to use the Change License Settings application to reconfigure your setup. If you have purchased online licenses, these can be activated for online usage in the new system right away.


The Online authorization settings found in the V-Ray license server information window is not the same as your online credentials used to log into your account at