This page provides details on how to update your material library in V-Ray for Revit.


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Due to major improvements on how materials are handled, all materials installed or created with previous V-Ray for Revit versions will become partially incompatible with V-Ray for Revit 3.50.01. To continue using those materials, you will need to upgrade them either manually or using our upgrade script.



Upgrade Script

To download the files to upgrade your materials, please click on the button below.


Upgrade Steps

All materials from previous V-Ray for Revit versions as well as user created custom materials will need to be upgraded to work with version 3.50.01.


Small Material Libraries

To upgrade your materials manually, simply open each of them in the V-Ray Standalone Material Editor and re-save it.


Medium to Large Material Libraries

It is recommended to use the upgrade script that you can download from the top of that page.

The steps below will guide you through the upgrade process:

  1. Download the script.
  2. Place it into the folder containing old V-Ray materials.
  3. Double click on the script to run it. It will automatically upgrade all materials in the current folder as well as those in its sub-folders.
  4. As soon as the upgrade process is finished, a file named VRMatUpgrade.log will appear in the same folder. There you can find information about the upgrade status of each material.

Download Old Material Library

Due to the major improvements on how materials are handled, we replaced the old material library with a much more robust one. You can download the old library using the button below. The materials have been upgraded to work with version 3.50.01.