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The Bump Material gives the ability to add bump map and normal map effects when using any material.

Simply apply a Bump Material to an object to add additional bump or normal map functionality. Stacking multiple Bump Materials together can create a more complex surface material by allowing the use of several bump and/or normal maps together easily.







Base Material  – Allows the user to select the base material to which the bump/normal effect will be added.



Bump and Normal Mapping




Map Type – Allows the user to specify whether a bump map or a normal map effect will be added to the base material. 

Bump map
Local Space Bump
Normal Map 

Amount – A multiplier for the bump/normal map. 


Advanced Options



Normal Map Type – Specifies the normal map.

Tangent Space 
Object Space 
Screen Space

World Space

Delta Scale – Scale for sampling the bitmap when using bump mapping. The exact value is calculated by V-Ray, but can be scaled here. 


Material Options




Can be Overridden – When disabled, the material is not overridden by the Material Override option in the Render Settings.