This page introduces Camera tools and utilities in V-Ray for Rhino.


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V-Ray for Rhino comes included with a number of tools and utilities. For a complete list, see the Additional V-Ray Tools page.


Camera Tools

V-Ray has two cameras tools that allow a great deal of control such as the Lens Analysis Tool that allows for both the correction of an images lens distortion or indeed adding physically correct lens distortion to an image.  It also has the Lens Effects Filter Generator which allows the creation of various specially designed filters for the Lens Effects render effect.

  • Lens Analysis Tool - This utility is the primary tool supplied by V-Ray for creating, previewing, and editing of V-Ray lens files (*.vrlens), and contains a camera distortion analyzer, and a tool for correcting/distorting images. It can be used to provide realistic (measured) camera distortion (as opposed to the simple quadratic and cubic modes). The Lens Analysis Tool also supports zoom lenses, and the distortion parameters are linked to the focal length of the V-Ray Camera. 
  • Lens Effects Filter Generator - The Filter generator is a simple tool for composing filters (HDR images in *.hdr format). It is specially designed to produce filters for the Lens Effects render effect.