This section contains links to Geometry objects and tools in V-Ray for Rhino.


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V-Ray for Rhino adds a number of geometry objects and tools for use with V-Ray. See the links below for more information.

Geometry objects and tools are available from a number of places in the user interface.


Virtual Geometry

V-Ray provides a number of tools that create virtual geometry in the scene that looks like real geometry at render time, as opposed to actual meshes.

  • V-Ray Clipper - A virtual plane for clipping geometry at render time.
  • V-Ray Proxy - Imports geometry from an external mesh, which only loads the full details at render time. The geometry is not present in the scene and does not take any resources.
  • V-Ray Infinite Plane - A virtual plane that always extends beyond the camera view.
  • V-Ray Fur - Creates simple procedural fur at render time.
  • V-Ray Scene - Imports a .vrscene file.


Asset Editor Geometry List

Each of the V-Ray geometry types has their respective icon. The Mesh Clipper can be turned off/on by clicking on its respective icon.


Rhino Properties V-Ray Section

This section provides a number of tools that affects the virtual geometry in the scene at render time.


Visible – When disabled the selected geometry will not be seen in the rendering.

Skip Rendering – When enabled, the selected geometry will not be contributed to the rendering.