This page provides information on the MultiMatte rollout in the Render Elements.





The Multimatte Render Element creates red, green, and blue selection masks based on an object's Object ID. With this render element, only three colors are possible: red, green, and blue. Compare with other matte render elements, which can include a multitude of colors to represent object in a scene with a different color. With Multimatte, a single R, G, or B channel can be used directly as a matte, eliminating the step of selecting the color in the compositing software. This ease of use makes Multimatte a popular choice for compositors.

The Multimatte Render Element includes antialiasing.

To represent all objects in a scene with just the available red, green, and blue colors, several Multimatte Render Elements can be generated for a single rendering, each with different Object ID settings.




UI Path: ||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Render Settings > Render Elements > MultiMatte




  • Instances obtain the same object ID number of the copied object.
  • If objects with already assigned object IDs are grouped together and a new object ID is assigned to the group, the latter will override all separate IDs within the group.
  • If objects with already assigned object IDs become part of a block with a different object ID, the separate objects will preserve their initial object ID.