This page provides information on using the V-Ray Frame Buffer for post-production of EXR images rendered in V-Ray Cloud.


The V-Ray Frame Buffer can be used to apply post-production color corrections to EXR images rendered in Chaos Cloud. Because EXR is a raw image format, corrections cannot be written to the EXR file and have to be loaded separately. The image can then be saved again in the format of your choice.



Generating Different Types of Images with VFB

Chaos Cloud supports all output image formats on the 3D host app, except for Deep EXR, Tile EXR, TIFF, and TGA. If you need an image output in one of the unsupported formats, you can do the following:

  1. Generate your output in EXR or VRIMG format.
  2. Open the EXR / VRIMG files in the VFB on the host app and you can save it with the Save Current Channel button in the output you need.



Applying Color Corrections to EXR Images Rendered in Chaos Cloud

By default, Chaos Cloud generates an EXR and JPG versions of render jobs submitted to Chaos Cloud unless another format is set within the settings of the 3D editing platform used. The EXR image can then be loaded within the VFB to apply color corrections manually or using a saved preset.



To apply corrections manually, you first have to load the EXR image within the VFB. This is done using the Load image () button from the VFB's UI. The color corrections panel can then be exposed using the Show corrections control panel () button.



 You can use the color corrections panel that appears on the right to modify the image as you wish.



Once ready, you can save the processed image in any desired image format using the Save current channel () button on the VFB.



Color corrections can also be saved and applied as a preset. Jobs submitted from Rhino will have their color corrections exported to a .vccglb file packaged together with the output of your render job. To load a color correction preset right-click on Globals... and select Load.



Separate color corrections can also be saved and loaded using the buttons.  Once a preset is applied, you can use the Save current channel () button to save the image in the format of your choice.

For more detailed information on color corrections with the VFB, please visit the following page.