This page provides details on the parameters found in the Switches render settings rollout.


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The Switches rollout globally controls various aspects of the renderer.



 UI Path: ||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Render Settings > Switches





Displacement – Enables (default) or disables V-Ray's displacement mapping. Note that Rhino's displacement feature is supported.



Lights – Enables lights globally. Note that if disabled, V-Ray will only use Global Illumination to light the scene.

Hidden Lights – Enables or disables the usage of hidden lights. When this is checked, lights are rendered regardless of whether they are hidden or not. When this option is off, any lights that are hidden for any reason (either explicitly or by type) will not be included in the rendering.


Usage Statistics


Send anonymous usage statistics to Chaos Group – Collection and transmission of usage statistics by Chaos Group can be disabled or renewed at any time through this toggle.