This is a legacy documentation space! Please refer to V-Ray Next for Rhino help for most up-to-date information.

This page introduces V-Ray User Interface topics and generally how to access them. Please click on the appropriate topic(s) below for the full documentation and proper usage information.


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V-Ray is a rendering plug-in for Rhino. It includes two renderers and a toolbar:

V-Ray Toolbar – Includes three toolbars with easy shortcuts to some of the most commonly used V-Ray components.
V-Ray Frame Buffer – V-Ray allows you to render to a V-Ray specific frame buffer and includes additional rendering tools.
V-Ray Progress Window 
– Provides detailed log information about the current render. 
V-Ray Asset Editor – Manages V-Ray materials, lights, geometry, and render settings.
V-Ray Color Picker – A color manager that allows numeric color value selection.
V-Ray File Path Editor  – The File Path Editor is a scene assets' managing tool. 


V-Ray Toolbar

The V-Ray Toolbar provides easy shortcuts for commonly used V-Ray components. It consists of the following: Asset Editor, V-Ray Rendering, V-Ray Frame Buffer, V-Ray Lights, V-Ray Proxy, Infinite Plane, V-Ray Fur, V-Ray Clipper and V-Ray Utility . For additional information, see the V-Ray Toolbar page.




To access the V-Ray Toolbar, the current renderer must be set to V-Ray (Render menu > Current Renderer > V-Ray for Rhino).



To load the V-Ray Toolbar manually, the toolbar settings can be accessed through the gear button to the right of the Rhino toolbar UI.

UI Path: || Rhino toolbar || > Gear Button > Show Toolbar > VRayForRhino_3.0 > V-Ray for Rhino (6 tabs).



V-Ray Frame Buffer

The V-Ray Frame Buffer is a V-Ray specific renderer. It contains a variety of additional tools, and an additional Lens Effects dialogue can be expanded from its bottom toolbar. For additional information, see the V-Ray Frame Buffer page and Lens Effects page.



The VFB can be launched from the V-Ray Toolbar, the V-Ray Asset Editor, or from the main Rhino menu.


UI Paths:

||V-Ray Toolbar|| > Show V-Ray Frame Buffer button

||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Render Settings tab > Open Frame Buffer button

|| V-Ray menu || > Frame Buffer

V-Ray Progress Window

The V-Ray Progress Window provides information about the current render. It shows useful details about texture or material issues, the number of raycasts, etc.

The nested progress bar gives real-time updates about the status of the render process. The full progress log can still be accessed in the V-Ray Progress window, which is opened through the small square button at the bottom-right corner of the VFB.



V-Ray Asset Editor

The V-Ray Asset Editor allows for convenient management of V-Ray related assets and V-Ray render settings. For more information, see the V-Ray Asset Editor page.




The Asset Editor can be launched from the V-Ray Toolbar or from the main Rhino menu.


UI Paths:

||V-Ray Toolbar|| > Asset Editor

|| V-Ray menu || > Asset Editor


V-Ray Color Picker

The V-Ray Color Picker is a color manager that allows numeric color value selection in Screen (sRGB) and Rendering (RGB) Color spaces. It provides the option to set the RGB values in two scales - 0.0 to 1.0 or 0 to 255. The V-Ray Color Picker has swatch slots to keep your favorite colors. 


V-Ray File Path Editor

The V-Ray File Path Editor is a file managing tool that lets you set file paths, create scene archives and keep track of different assets.