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The Color Correction texture enables various color corrections to be applied.




Color Input– Specifies a new color to be applied as a correction. A texture map can be assigned to this channel. 

Hue – Hue corrects the color or image. 

Saturation – Adjusts how saturated or desaturated colors are.

Hue Tint – Specifies a color that will be used to tint the current colors.

Tint Strength – Determines the strength of the hue tint. 





Mode – Changes the lightness mode and parameters.  

Gain/ Gamma/Lift

Brightness – Allows for correction of the color brightness.

Contrast – Allows for correction of color contrast.



Gain – Changes the color gain. 

Gamma – Allows gamma corrections. 

Base – The gamma correction are applied to this value. It lets you specify a pixel value that remains unchanged. 

Lift – Offsets the color/image. The correction is applied on top and can be used to change the overall brightness. 

Rewire Channels



Allows for the following channels to be assigned into the RedGreenBlue, and Alpha Channels:

Red – Assigns the red channel.
Green – Assigns the green channel.
Blue – Assigns the blue channel.
Alpha – Assigns the alpha channel. 
Inverse Red – Assigns the inverse of the red channel.
Inverse Green – Assigns the inverse of the green channel.
Inverse Blue – Assigns the inverse of the blue channel.
Inverse Alpha – Assigns the inverse of the alpha channel.
Monochrome -- Assigns the channel to be monochrome.
White – Assigns the value 1.
Black – Assigns the value 0.