This is a legacy documentation space! Please refer to V-Ray Next for SketchUp for most up-to-date information.

This page provides information on the V-Ray MultiSub Texture.

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The V-Ray MultiSub Tex texture distributes multiple textures to many objects via one single material based on specified IDs or a random distribution.

In the image shown here, MultiSub Tex's Get ID from parameter has its type set to Object ID. Each part of the ball is assigned a texture. The MultiSub Tex is then assigned to the diffuse channel of a single VRay Material.






Default Color – Specifies a default color or texture for objects without Object IDs. When a texture is selected, it overrides the color as long as the texture checkbox is enabled. 

Get ID from – Specifies the meaning of the ID parameters.

Face material ID – When more than one material is applied to the different faces of the same object, SketchUp will internally create face IDs. If all those materials share the same VRayMultiSubTex, V-Ray will consider the face IDs when feeding the data (color or texture) to the materials.
Object ID – The VRayMultiSubTex will consider the Object IDs of the object when feeding the data (color or texture) to the material.
Random by node handle – Each node is assigned a unique number (or, "handle") when it is created. This option generates the color index based on that node ID. It is useful because the node handle survives through scene editing. For example, if an object is added, removed, or renamed, the colors will remain the same.
Random by render ID – The VRayMultiSubTex will assign random colors based on RenderIDs that are internally generated by V-Ray.
Random by node name – Generates a color index based on the name of the node that the texture is applied to. 






Add Texture – Adds a new sub-texture to the texture list.

Used – This checkbox enables the sub-texture for rendering.

Value – For modes that use IDs, this value specifies the ID that will correspond to each texture.



  • Currently, Face ID and Object ID cannot be set by SketchUp.