This is a legacy documentation space! Please refer to V-Ray Next for SketchUp for most up-to-date information.

This page introduces a number of QuickStart guides designed to get you started with V-Ray for SketchUp.




Covers the basic workflow of rendering a simple scene with V-Ray for SketchUp.




Exterior Lighting

Covers ways to use a variety of V-Ray Lights for both day and night renders for an exterior scene.




Interior Lighting

Discusses the basics of lighting an interior scene for both day and night renders.





Discusses the basics of materials in V-Ray for SketchUp.




Environmental Lighting and Aerial Perspective

Covers the basics on using Sun and Sky Aerial Perspective in V-Ray for SketchUp.




Nighttime Exterior Lighting

Lighting techniques for an evening architectural exterior scene using V-Ray’s Sun and Sky System.