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Toon is a very simple material that produces cartoon-style outlines on objects in the scene. Note that Toon is not intended to be a full NPR (non-photorealistic rendering) effect. However, it may be useful in many cases.



Toon Parameters



Base Material – Specifies the material on top of which the toon effect will be applied. 

Line Color – Specifies the color of the outlines. If a texture is selected, it will override the color as long as the texture checkbox is enabled.

Opacity  Specifies how transparent or opaque the outlines will be. A texture map can be used for this channel. 

Line Width  Specifies the thickness of the outlines in pixels.

Divide By Distance – When enabled, objects closer to the camera have thicker outlines. Objects farther away from the camera have thinner outlines.

Normal Threshold  Determines when lines will be created for parts of the same object with varying surface normals (for example, at the inside edges of a box). A value of 0.0 means that only angles 90 degrees or larger generates internal lines. Higher values allow smoother normals to generate an edge as well. Keeping the value less than 1.0 prevents curved objects from filling in completely. 

Overlap Threshold  Determines when outlines will be created for overlapping parts of the same object. Lower values will reduce the internal overlapping lines, while higher values will produce more overlapping lines. Keeping the value less than 1.0 will prevent curved objects from filling in completely.

Compensate EV – When enabled, Toon compensates the Line Color brightness to adjust for any exposure correction.

Visible in Reflections/Refractions  Causes outlines to appear in reflections and refractions, but may increase render time. 

Multiply Silhouette

Multiply Silhouette – Enables the multiplier for the silhouette effect.

Multiplier – Sets the multiplier for the silhouette effect.


Material Options



Can be Overridden – When disabled, the material is not overridden by the Material Override option in the Render Settings.



  • Toon only provides outlines. Additional cartoon-style materials will need to be used as well. (For example, falloff maps or or other third-party material plugins.)
  • Toon will not work properly with objects that have their Cast Shadows property turned off.
  • The quality of the lines depends on the current settings of the Image sampler.