This page provides information on the ZDepth rollout in the Render Elements.


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The ZDepth Render Element provides information about each object's distance from the camera in the current view. Each pixel representing the object is evaluated for distance individually; different pixels for the same object can have different grayscale values. In this render element, objects (or portions of objects) closest to the camera appear as white while those furthest away appear black. Objects between the furthest and nearest points are rendered in varying shades of gray. The lighter the gray, the closer an object pixel is to the camera.

The most common usage of the ZDepth Render Element is as a control for depth of field in the composite.



UI Path: ||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Render Settings > Render Elements > ZDepth (when ZDepth  is added as a Render Element)







Depth From Camera – Specifies whether to use to camera clip boundaries as the Near Distance and Far Distance. When disabled, these distances can be set manually.

Near Distance 1 – Objects up to this distance from the camera will render as white.

Far Distance 1 – Objects further than this distance from the camera will render as black.



  1.  – Calculated in the default SketchUp unit - inches.