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Official Release

Date – March 13, 2019

Download  Build 4.10.20



New Features


  • Viewport rendering functionality
  • Support for Unreal tonemapper and post effects (in viewport rendering only)
  • Dedicated V-Ray Bake settings
  • Telemetry

Modified Features


  • Dome Tex Resolution parameter in VRayLightDome blueprint
  • Functionality for creating, deleting and hiding actors in the level while in IPR rendering
  • Support for "Tangent Space Normal" checkbox option in Material
  • Support for Unreal expressions: Arccosine, Arcsine, Arctangent, Arctangent2, Logarithm2, Tangent, World Position


  • Updated Online License Server in installer to 5.2.2

Bug Fixes


  • "Launch V-Ray Render Server (Unreal)".exe file path
  • Issue with Sky texture not updating in IPR
  • Issues when using Normal maps in Materials