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Official Release

Date – January, 2020

Download  Build 4.30.21


New Features


  • Support for Unreal Engine 4.24 




  • Support for Unreal Brushes geometry 




  • Track Active Render View option to get the current render view aspect ratio being it either camera filmback settings or viewport in V-Ray Settings (info)



Modified Features


  • Improved speed on render and .vrscene export initialization


.vrscene Export

  • Generates .bat file to be used in standalone rendering (info)



  • Improved speed when opening VFB




Bug Fixes


  • VFB history and adjustments settings resets when closing

  • Unreal material with Unlit shading model not generating GI
  • Export failed for Cube Texture with Default compression settings
  • Rendering expressions in different Normal spaces
  • Crash when rendering substance materials