This page provides a brief look at what V-Ray for Unreal can provide to its users.

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Ease of Use

  • Simple and easy to use Toolbar and User Interface.

Powerful Rendering engine

  • Fast Interactive engine which can utilize CPU and GPU.
  • Advanced post-processing built into the frame buffer (render window).
  • V-Ray GPU running on NVIDIA CUDA can take full advantage of all available hardware, including GPUs and CPUs with V-Ray Hybrid Rendering.
  • Support for Unreal's tone mapper and PostProcess effects


  • Supports Unreal Cameras.
  • V-Ray Camera Blueprint supporting 3DS Max and V-Ray exposure.

Light Bake

  • Support for baking light maps with V-Ray Bake.
  • Support for exporting and importing lightmaps


  • Support for Unreal lights.
  • Support for V-Ray Lights via Blueprints - V-Ray Sun and Sky, V-Ray Light Dome, V-Ray Light Rectangle.
  • Support for image-based lighting.


  • V-Ray Material Instance asset.
  • Support for complex materials from vrscene with “Render material from .vrscene” Feature and External Material Libraries.
  • Support for Unreal native materials.


  • VRay Teleport Blueprint for setting VR experience.
  • Package a project/app with assets and baked lighting created by V-Ray

V-Ray Proxies

  • Support for V-Ray proxies with import as Full mesh or Preview mesh
  • Support for Unreal's Foliage tool