Build 5.00.02

Beta Release

Date - Dec. 3, 2020


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  • Asset Editor updated to version 2.0.1
  • License Server updated to version 5.5.1
  • Chaos Cloud client app updated to version 1.7.8
  • Redesigned installer
  • Implemented V-Ray Vision real-time viewer
  • New V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB2) with layer compositor
  • Integrated Light Mix channel
  • New toon workflow via global & per material Contour settings
  • New and improved Quality presets
  • Optimized transactions handling in Extensible Storage


  • Exposed Sky settings
  • New V-Ray 5 Improved sky model

Asset Editor

  • New Displacement workflow
  • New Proxy Mesh & Proxy Scene workflow
  • Added GPU asset preview mode
  • Changed how the visibility of Asset Editor windows is determined

Appearance Manager

  • Redesigned to accommodate the new workflows
  • Added search bar ability to filter materials by Revit identity Class
  • Added search bar ability to filter family items by Category
  • Added support for Site and Specialty Equipment categories
  • Displayed Revit families hierarchically
  • Disabled material assignments are persisted on project reopen
  • Added navigation history for randomized objects' seed


  • Camera Auto checkboxes are unselected and disabled during Interactive


  • Added Coat layer to Generic material properties
  • Added Sheen layer to Generic material properties
  • Added built-in Bump layer to Generic material properties
  • Removed Glossy Fresnel from the UI. It is enabled by default for all materials
  • Removed Normal opacity mode
  • Removed PBR material as well as PBR layer from the Add Layer menu
  • Exposed Metalness and Roughness options as part of Generic material properties
  • Removed Highlight Glossiness parameter from Generic material properties
  • Added blue highlight to UI rollouts indicating whether corresponding parameters contribute to the look of the material
  • Deprecated Displacement material attribute (will be removed in the future)


  • Added UVW Placement texture for UV randomization and stochastic texture tiling
  • Added randomization options to multi-sub texture
  • Added external Mapping Source to texture placement Type
  • Added Streaks to Dirt texture
  • Added support for .tx file format as part of Bitmap textures
  • Added random colors for the slots of the Multi-Sub texture


  • Added support for 2D Displacement
  • Added support for Cellular textures


Bug fixes


  • NullReferenceException when rendering a family 
  • Exceptions in projects referring to invalid file paths when acquiring a license
  • Switching Current View hangs in case of inaccessible network path to textures
  • Grpc.Core exception when opening existing projects one after another
  • Issue with invalid floating point numbers
  • Issue with vrscene export using temp paths for .ies files
  • Revit hangs when opening Settings panel in Interactive
  • Issue with global purge not affecting mapping

Interactive Rendering

  • Unnecessary update when opening Appearance Manager


  • Scrollbar disappears from Renderer tab on sub-sections expanding


  • Various textures exported to .vrscene don't render in Lavina or Standalone


  • Lighting Analysis horizontal and vertical grid spacing are swapped


  • Material changes are not respected when restoring the assignment in Appearance Manager

Appearance Manager

  • Objects list does not refresh on family category change
  • Material Transforms Rotation box & spinner accept values but 1
  • Proxy scale spinners are causing min scale to be larger than max scale
  • Hide Decals causes the global bump to partially disappear in Interactive

Proxy Mesh

  • Wrong positioning of proxies when replacing in-place families 

Asset Editor

  • Fixed an issue with marble textures
  • Materials using UVW Placement instance for several textures produce incorrect results when duplicated
  • Swapped slots in TexFresnel UI
  • Redundant command in the Geometry assets context menu
  • Inverted Roughness/Glossiness value when disabling a texture plugged in the same slot
  • Simple Mix textures fail to load when opening a previously saved .vrmat
  • The UVWGenRandomizer mode values are incorrectly set