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This page introduces V-Ray User Interface topics. Please click on the appropriate topic(s) below for the full documentation and proper usage information.


V-Ray rendering plug-in for Sketchup consists of the following:



V-Ray Toolbar

V-Ray Toolbar includes several toolbars with easy shortcuts to some of the most commonly used V-Ray components. Find out more: V-Ray Toolbar


V-Ray Frame Buffer

V-Ray Frame Buffer contains a variety of additional rendering tools. Find out more: V-Ray Frame Buffer


V-Ray Asset Editor

V-Ray Asset Editor allows for convenient management of V-Ray related assets and V-Ray render settings. Find out more: V-Ray Asset Editor 


V-Ray Color Picker

V-Ray Color Picker is a color manager that allows numeric color value selection in Screen (sRGB)1 and Rendering (RGB) Color spaces. Find out more: V-Ray Color Picker 



V-Ray File Path Editor

V-Ray File Path Editor is a file managing tool that lets you set file paths, create scene archives, and keep track of different assets. Find out more: V-Ray File Path Editor


V-Ray Menu

V-Ray menu provides access to most common V-Ray actions such as File Path Editor and Colorize TexturesFind out more: V-Ray Menu


V-Ray Utilities

Whether you are preparing an interior or exterior scene, you can find the appropriate utility options in the V-Ray Utilities toolbar. Find out more: V-Ray Utilities





  • Hovering with the cursor over each color box in the Asset Editor displays a tooltip with the color value in RGB format with a range of 0 to 1 in Screen (sRGB) color space.