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V-Ray RT version
Number of calculated camera paths (i.e. image samples) per second, in thousands (Kpaths/s)
Time elapsed since the current image started rendering. This value is reset whenever a change is made to the scene that requires recalculation of the image.

Fit to VFB – When enabled, manually resizing the VFB during rendering will change the rendering resolution that ActiveShade uses, making the resolution match the newly resized window. When disabled, the ActiveShade resolution is locked to the resolution set under the Common tab even if the VFB is resized.

Max paths/pixel – Specifies the maximum samples per pixel for refining the image. This option is particularly useful when Production Renderer Mode is set to V-Ray RT as it ensures consistent quality of the different frames.  V-Ray performs adaptive sampling on the image, trying to put more samples into areas that have more noise.