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vray_adv_ 35000_nukex _x64.exe -gui=0 -configFile="xml_file.xml" -quiet=1

This The -quiet=1 argument will cause the installer to read the variable values from the .xml file and do the installation without asking any questions. user input. It will also accept the EULA. If you do not specify the '-quiet=1' option, the installer will ask for a confirmation for of each variable before proceeding.



Specifies the root Nuke folder.


Specifies the plugins folder for Nuke

Specifies the location of the additional V-Ray plugins for Nuke


Specifies whether or not to open the Change Log once the installation is complete

0 - does not open the Change Log.

1 - opens the Change Log.



Specifies whether the V-Ray license server runs locally or on another machine.

0 - the license server runs locally on the same machine.

1 - the server is on a different machine in the network.



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  • Running the installer with the -quiet=1 argument will also accept the EULA.