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Multichannel – When saving the output as an .exr, enables the render elements to be saved as different channels in a single .exr file.



This section becomes available when you set up an animation using Rhino's Animation Tools. It will promopt you to choose whether to cache the animation with V-Ray or not. If you choose not to, you can still do that at a later stage by running the command vrayRecordAnimation. 

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Time Segment – Select which parts of the animation to render as individual frames.
      Entire Animation – Renders the entire animation as individual frames.
      Frame Range – Allows selection of only certain frames to be rendered.

Motion Blur - Enables motion blur.




Fancy Bullets
  • When rendering  a still VR image with the VR Cubemap Camera Type, the output Aspect Ratio will be locked to 6:1. Similarly, the VR Spherical Type will lock the Aspect Ratio to 2:1. In both cases, the user-specified Image Height will be preserved, but the Image Width will automatically adjust for the aspect ratio.