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This page collects various useful utilities like the V-Ray Fur Styler, the mudbox2vrmesh, the vdenoise for Nuke and other tools related to V-Ray, which are not part of the official V-Ray installations. For any comments or questions on these tools, please write to



VRayFur styler


Download for Mudbox 2015-2016:

VDenoise plugin for




A freeware Nuke plugin that implements the V-Ray denoiser as a Nuke node.

Download for NUKE Nuke 8-11 for Windows and Linux:


Download for 3ds Max 9-2015:


vrscene dehexer


This tool can be used to un-hex vrscene files written with hex-encoded transform and/or mesh data. The resulting un-hexed vrscene is written out separately. Another use for the tool is to compare vrscenes and return a status (false) if they are different.