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The following parameters are added to the list of visible settings available from the Global Switches rollout when set to the Advanced Render UI Mode.




Force back face culling – Enables or disables (default) back face culling for camera and shadow rays. When this option is enabled, the surfaces of objects which are turned away from the camera (or the light source, when tracing shadows) will appear fully transparent. This enables a camera outside a closed object to see inside it.


Off– Default lights in the scene are always switched off. 
On – Default lights are always switched on when there are no lights in the scene or the Lights option is disabled.
Off with GI  – Default lights are switched off only when Global Illumination is enabled or there are lights in the scene.

Show GI only – When enabled, direct lighting will not be included in the final rendering. Note that lights will still be considered for GI calculations, however, in the end, only the indirect lighting will be shown.

Light evaluation – Determines how lights are sampled in scenes with many lights.