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The Mapper uses textures to affect a channel in the simulation's grid. The chosen grid channel can either be directly set to the texture's values when the simulation starts, or it can gradually approach the texture's values over time. The Buildup Time specifies the time it takes for the channel to reach the full value specified in the texture under the influence of the Mapper.

The Mapper affects all Phoenix simulators in the scene unless they explicitly exclude it. 



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title UI Path: ||Create panel|| > Helpers > PhoenixFD category > PHXMapper button


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Active | active – Animatable checkbox that turns on and off the effect of the Mapper.


Affected Particle Systems | affectpartsys - Allows the Mapper to separately affect the Liquid, Foam, Splash or Mist particles. Note that the  

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The Mapper can not create or delete particles - it can only change values in their channels, such as


particle Velocity, RGB or Viscosity.

Map | map – Specifies the texture that will copy its values into the Simulator. It should be mapped into Object XYZ (using the Simulator box) or World XYZ. You could use a 3ds Max Output Map if you need  For channels that may require values higher than 1 (such as Velocity or Temperature), you can use a regular 3ds Max Output Map to expand the texture's values.

Mask | Mask  mask – A mask that specifies the region which will be affected by the Mapper. It allows you to limit the effect of the Mapper only to a certain volume in the Simulator. White values in the texture mean that the region is affected, and black values mean that the region is not affected. Gray values in between mean that the region is affected, but will take longer time to reach the values from the Map. Note that if  

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If the Buildup Time is 0, gray mask values will be treated as white, and the Mapper will act with full strength in such voxels. You could use a V-Ray DistanceTex as




 in order to confine the effect of the Mapper to a geometry volume, in order to make it easier to setup the effect visually.

Buildup Time | influence – When Initializer is disabled, this parameter specifies the time it takes (in seconds) for the channel to gradually reach the value specified in the Map. If Buildup Time is 0, the effect is instant and fluid is set to the values from the Map immediately.



You can use the Mapper to affect any grid or particle channel.

The video to the right shows the Mapper affecting the Grid RGB Channel instead of the Smoke density grid channel, and a V-Ray User Color texture with a solid Green color set as the Map parameter for the Mapper.

Once the smoke passes through the volume of the sphere geometry, it inherits the RGB color set by the Mapper for that region of the Simulator.

For this setup to work, a Phoenix FD Source is created to emit Smoke and RGB (the color is set to Gray). On the Phoenix FD Simulator → Output roll-out, RGB Grid Channel export is Enabled.