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Interactive - Toggles between interactive and production rendering. Features such as Light cache and on-demand mipmapping are not supported in interactive mode.

Lock Render Camera/View – When enabled, locks the render camera from Render from Camera/View .

Render from Camera/View – Specifies the view to render from when the V-Ray render button is clicked.

Lock Image Aspect – When enabled, locks the X value and scales the Y according to the viewport size.

Resolution – Sets the output resolution for rendering.

Export VRScene – Enables the export of a .vrscene file when the V-Ray render button is clicked.

Export VRScene Path – Directory where the .vrscene file is saved with the file name output.vrscene. Default directory is <Unreal_install_path>\UE_4.XX\Engine\Plugins\VRayForUnreal\Content

Compress – Compresses geometric information when Export VRScene is enabled, thus making the resulting .vrscene file is smaller.

Include Vrscene – Specifies a .vrscene file with various setting to be applied at render. For advanced users that are familiar with vrscene file structure.