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Interactive – Toggles between interactive and production rendering. Features such as Light cache and on-demand mipmapping are not supported in interactive mode.

Lock Render Camera/View – When enabled, locks the render camera from Render from Camera/View.

Render from Camera/View – Specifies the view to render from when the V-Ray render button is clicked.

(plus) NEW -Viewport Renderer Settings

(plus) NEW - Enable Viewport rendering – Toggles the render to be outputed in Unreal's viewport or in the VFB. Unreal's tone mapper post process effects and post process materials will be applied to the rendered image in the viewport.

(plus) NEW - Min samples per pixel – Minimum number of path per pixels to be reached before displaying the current render output.

(plus) NEW - Min renders pass –Minimum number of passes to be reached before displaying the current render output.

(plus) NEW - Max update time – maximum period of time before the current render output is displayed. This may be used to force image update if the number of samples or number of renders pass takes too long to get up to a predefined threshold.

Lock Image Aspect – When enabled, locks the X value and scales the Y according to the viewport size.

Resolution – Sets the output resolution for rendering.

UI Text Box

If Enable Viewport rendering is checked the active viewport resolution will override the Resolution values.

Export VRScene – Enables the export of a .vrscene file when the V-Ray render button is clicked.

Export VRScene Path – Directory where the .vrscene file is saved with the file name output.vrscene. Default directory is <Unreal_install_path>\UE_4.XX\Engine\Plugins\VRayForUnreal\Content

Compress – Compresses geometric information when Export VRScene is enabled, thus making the resulting .vrscene file is smaller.