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Cutoff Threshold – A threshold below which reflections/refractions are not traced. V-Ray tries to estimate the contribution of reflections/refractions to the image, and if it is below this threshold, these effects are not computed. Do not set this to 0.0 as it may cause excessively long render times in some cases. This parameter is not available when the renderer is set to CUDA.

Double-sided –  – When enabled, V-Ray flips also shades the normals for back-facing surfaces with this material assigned. Otherwise, the lighting on the "outer" side of the material is computed always. You can use this to achieve a fake translucent effect for thin objects like paper.

Use Irradiance Map – When enabled, the irradiance map is used to approximate diffuse indirect illumination for the material. If this is off, Brute Force GI is used, in which case the quality of the Brute Force GI is determined by the Subdivs parameter of the Irradiance Map. You can use this for objects in the scene which have small details and are not approximated very well by the Irradiance Map.