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Fancy Bullets
  • as a divergence-free force (force with circular lines);
  • as pressure.

The turbulence generator is based on fractal-like noise function, similar to the noise texture in 3ds Max.

By default, the Turbulence affects all Phoenix FD Fire/Smoke and Liquid Simulator objects in the scene. You can exclude it from interacting with a simulator from the Exclude list in the simulator's Interaction roll-out rollout.

UI Expand
titleUI Path: ||Create panel|| > Helpers > PhoenixFD category > PHXTurbulence button





Create Pressure | injmode – Switches between pressure and force mode. While force mode simply adds velocity, pressure mode works in a similar way to the Phoenix FD Source in Volume Inject mode, adding pressure to the areas displayed in red in the preview. This way the option will generally affect the appearance and behavior of the turbulent effect.


Show Streamlines partpreview – Affects the preview. When enabled, visualizes the trajectories of several particles.