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Batch Rendering

1.1. Open the scene named “Batch Scene Start.skp”

*note: this sketchup scene has been set up ahead of time, to learn more about Scene tabs and how they work check out this tutorial here.

1.2. Once the Sketchup file is open go ahead and click the Batch Render tool ().

1.3. At this point you’ll be prompted to provide some “Save Output” information.


This is normal.

1.4. Go ahead and open your V-Ray Options Editor tool () and select your Output dialogue. There you will have control over your output size and where it will save the rendered file too.

1.5. Click the save output box.

1.6. Create a name for your output file (in my case I used 001 and a PNG File and selected the “Batch Render Tutorial” folder as a save location). You can path your output file to save anywhere you like.

*Note: In SketchUp it is important to turn off scene transitions and set the scene delay to 0. You can do so from your SketchUp Model Info window, under the Animation settings

1.7. Now that you have your Output Location setup,  click the Batch Render button () and go grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and come back to check your renders periodically to see which have finished.

Now that you know how it works, test it out, play around and enjoy!