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Parameters -  Sampling Rollout





Subdivs – Controls  – This parameter is disabled by default since most users will not need local control of subdivs, however this parameter controls the number of samples V-Ray takes to compute lighting locally for this light. Lower values mean create more noisy resultsnoise, but render faster rendering. Higher values produce smoother results but take more time to render.

To activate this parameter and specify a value, use the Use local subdivs parameter under the V-Ray tab > DMC Sampler rollout in the Render Setup window. Note that the actual number of samples also depends on the Global DMC Settings settings.. By default, this parameter is controlled by the Min samples parameter in the Advanced user mode of the Global DMC rollout.

Shadow bias – This value moves the shadow toward or away from the shadow-casting object (or objects). Higher values move the shadow toward the object(s) while lower values move it away. If this value is too extreme, shadows can "leak" through places they shouldn't or "detach" from an object. Other effects from extreme values include moire patterns, out-of-place dark areas on surfaces, and shadows not appearing at all in the rendering.