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If you are running the V-Ray license server on a different machine, you need to tell V-Ray where to look for it. To do this, run the setvrlservice program from the tools subdirectory in your V-Ray for KATANA root folder (the location where the installation zip was unpacked), e.g:


$ /opt/vray_katana
<vrayforkatana_root>/tools/setvrlservice -server=[server name or IP] -port=[server port]


where <vrayforkatana_root> is the folder where V-Ray for KATANA was unpacked to and [servername or IP] is the IP address or name of the machine where the V-Ray license server is running, without the enclosing '[' and ']' characters and [server port] is the port used for the license server. The default port is 30304. Note: This setting is per user; if there are multiple users running V-Ray for KATANA on the machine, you will need to set the license server location for each of them.