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  1. When you receive the “.rtu” file, save it on the machine where the dongle with the same serial number is plugged-in.

  2. If the V-Ray license server is running, stop it by double clicking its icon in the Task Bar and selecting Terminate V-Ray license service . If it is registered as a service you have to stop the V-Ray license server from Windows Control panel > Administrative tools > Services applet.

  3. Double-click the saved “.rtu” file. You will be asked to confirm the transfer on the dongle. Click Yes to update your dongle. If there is a problem, please refer to Updating dongle s when .rtu files are not associated properly” in the “Troubleshooting” WIBU-KEY drivers are properly installed, but double-clicking on the .rtu file doesn't update the dongle” in the Frequently Asked Questionssection.

  4. Start the V-Ray license server from Windows Start > All Programs > Chaos Group > V-Ray License Server for x64 > Launch V-Ray license serv er or from the Services applet.