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This page give gives an overview of V-Ray's UI integration into 3ds Max.


UI Text Box

 If the V-Ray Toolbar is not visible, check to make sure floating toolbars are set to display in 3ds Max by checking  going to Customize menu > Show UI > Show Floating Toolbars.


V-Ray allows you as well as rendering to the 3ds Max Rendered Frame Window (RFW or VFB), to render to a V-Ray specific frame buffer, which has some additional capabilities. Including allowing viewing of all render elements in a single window; keeps the image in full 32 bit floating point format; allows simple color corrections on the rendered image; allows you to choose the order in which the buckets are rendered;  Can can store a list of recently rendered images and allow switch between them easily and also allows the application of lens effects to the rendered image. For more information, see V-Ray Frame Buffer.